morality_play (morality_play) wrote,


Obituaries are emotionally exhausting, I've found. I hope I don't need to mark the passing of any others soon.

Gilbert Sorrentino is Dead.

Jackalish is the only person I know of on my friends list who will potentially recoil at this discovery.

Sorrentino was too smart for the rest of us. He was one of my standards to test other intellectuals by, and the reason I've been shocked to discover how low the bar is set for that title by popular media.

I thought about getting out the sazerac, but it seems to me that that's the sort of thing some dolt would do to mark the passing of a Hunter Thompson. I mean here, to do some minor justice, too late, for Sorrentino. So I've decided to find some subtle monster, and destroy it.

I might drink anyway.
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