morality_play (morality_play) wrote,

The big justice of the great lj abuse sky magnet is swift.

"This account has been either temporarily or permanently suspended. If you are livejournal user puckish please refer to the livejournal faq..."

It must be a conspiracy concocted by your livejournal "stalker." It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that you routinely behave like an abominable child, violate the livejournal tos, and react like a drag queen whose wig has been ripped off every time someone makes a public spectacle of how poor your reasoning is.

When I finally get around to responding to your slander in my journal, you'll be free to respond anonymously if you'd like. Of course, you've _always_ been free to do that! I've _never needed_ to hide my journal or restrict who can comment in it like you do.

I'm going to need to take my lunch in more often. Th internet gives you prizes!
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