morality_play (morality_play) wrote,

Bill Young

This morning I was watching the House discuss the Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill. And to my astonishment Bill Young of Florida got up on the podium, and in defiance of our current climate of understanding, intimated a direct connection between Saddam Hussein's regime and the attacks orchestrated on September 11th. His position seemed to be that our current administration had given the people what they wanted. That they had demanded justice following the fall of the towers, and that George Bush had delivered... Saddam Hussein. It was done with the hazily indefinite sophistry of an inexperienced and aggressive liar, and an eagerness to change the subject once the idea had once again been shat out upon the House floor.

Then to my futher astonishment, David Obey siezed him by the throat for his temerity, threw him to the ground and beat him to death with a shovel.
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