morality_play (morality_play) wrote,

All About Me.

Livejournal's neverending vagina monologue puckish, and adriang (who should really know better) expressed frustration a while back that the anonymity of my journal prevents them from harassing myself and my co-workers. This has not been accidental. They let anyone onto this internet thing. I've already received the standard compliment of threats from ten year old "hackers" and survivalist lifestylist's. Such E-threats from the ineffectual represent no threat to me, and while puckish's abilities don't extend beyond forwarding pictures of goatse and tubgirl to my family, professors or colleagues, I prefer to spare them the ordeal. Specific details that could be used maliciously, like my real name and address, or place of work/school will remain among the morality_play inner circle.

The rest of what follows has been prepared to "fill in the blanks" for the rest of you who are trying to determine what is to be done about me.

Morality_play in four parts:

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