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Morality Play

In the end... we were unable to afford anything better.

This is intended to be a journal of social and political reflections, and an invitation to dialogue. Maybe it will serve an organizational function for others who might harbor some of the same convictions that I do.

I'm a recent Barch and architectural designer, now concurrently pursuing studies for a masters degree in materials science and engineering while seeking accreditation. My interests are often geared towards developing biological materials with structural applications in the built environment and subjecting living tissue to design intervention.

The GOP vs. DEM community required me to complete this inquisition. to introduce myself to their board a while back. More recently, new additions to my friends list and some deliberate misreadings attributed to me by others have compelled me to produce a more extensive biography. These should suffice as a slightly more comprehensive personal profile, if you're trying to decide if you should keep your distance from me.

If that hasn't scared you off...

Find out what others are saying about morality_play!

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I think Heidegger made the observation that people often behave as if they are paying the highest honor to something by declaring their simple-minded interest in it. In the spirit of submitting my simple-minded admiration, you can observe the following list.
active materials, adbusters, adolphe bouguereau, aerodynamics, alan magee, animal rights, architecture, bernard rollin, biomaterials, biomimetics, biomineralized structures, borges, brian mchale, brice miller, buckminster fuller, buster keaton, cacophony society, carla speed mcneil, cecil balmond, christopher gallego, chuck hoberman, claudio bravo, claus matthek, cognitive ethology, craig konyck, curtis white, daniel sprick, david tudor, decentralization, dendogram cluster analysis, deregulation, detournment, domesticating technology, dynamic structural relaxation, edgard varese, edward tufte, ergonometrics, ettienne sandorfi, eugene tsui, evald ilyenkov, fred bookstein, future systems, gabriel garcia marquez, geodesic simplexes, george antheil, george perec, gottfried helnwein, green design, gregg lynn, guy debord, guy nordenson, hedonistic imperative, henryk gorecki, ingres, institute for lightweight structures, intelligent materials, italo calvino, james dyson, jan svankmejer, jean pierre juenet, jeffrey miles, joe davis, joel saunders, john barth, john zorn, julian laverdiere, julian vincent, kent bellows, kisho kurokawa, kolatan macdonald, langdon winner, linda roy, luigi colani, market based solutions, martial arts, maryanne amacher, materials science, mechanosynthesis, morphometrics, musique concrete, neil denari, neil rolnick, nine inch nails, noam chomsky, organic future, oulipo, paradise engineering, parametric design, paul auster, paul laffoley, peter greenaway, peter pfau, philip glass, piecemeal linear topology, pierre bourdieu, pierre-paul prud’hon, politics of technology, polymer science, post autistic economics, prick, privatization, proprio kinesthetic intelligence, quay brothers, richard horden, richard reame, rigid lattices, robert schultz, ross lovegrove, rudolf doernach, santiago calatrava, science wars, scott fraser, sisters of mercy, situationists international, skip steinworth, socialization of costs, soft kill option, soft style arts, softroom, solid state chemistry, spacelab, spin+ architecture, steve reich, steven assael, structural adjustment, structural optimization, technology studies, technology transfer, ted krueger, tensegrity, terry riley, tetsuhiko nakajima, thin plate splines, thom faulders, thorstein veblen, tissue culture and art, tissue engineering, tom waits, tori amos, transhumanism, triz, trompe l'oeil, vegetarians, victor schklovsky, walton ford, wes jones, will wilson, wojciech kilar, xiu xiu, yasunao tone